Interactive cooking classes by Callum Hann + Themis Chryssidis. Tailored for you, your health, your life

Cooking Classes

100% hands-on cooking classes are what we're all about - getting you in the kitchen, getting your hands dirty and getting you preparing healthy, fresh, tasty meals that you can easily recreate at home! This page is where you'll find our adult cooking classes - you can find our kids classes here.

Quick, Easy & Healthy

Our signature class is back with all new recipes for you to add to your everyday collection.

If you enjoy creating simple, tasty meals for yourself or your family but need some fresh ideas, this class is perfect for you. All of the recipes in this class are nutritionally balanced and healthy enough to enjoy every night of the week.


Location Date Time Cost Book
Sprout Kitchen Wed 8th Apr 2015 6:00pm - 9:00pm $105.00 inc. GST (pp) Sold out!

Market to Plate

This is the Autumn installment of our very popular seasonal class, where we make the most of seasonal produce sourced from the Adelaide Central Market when it's available and when it's at its best. If you haven't been to this class before, get in quick!

With so much variety on our shelves and an increased emphasis on where, when and how food is sourced, choosing ingredients, particularly fresh ingredients, is not getting any easier! During this class we will travel to the hustle and bustle of the Adelaide Central Market and together select ingredients for our recipes. Along the way we'll discuss how to select fruit and vegetables with a focus on seasonality. We will then head back to the Sprout Kitchen and use our fresh produce to create some tasty dishes!

This extended class is held on a Saturday afternoon and includes a 2-course interactive cooking class, cheese platter with wine, and a guided Market tour with tastings. Transport to and from the Sprout kitchen is provided.


Location Date Time Cost Book
Sprout Kitchen Sat 11th Apr 2015 10:00am - 2:00pm $125.00 inc. GST (pp) Sold out!

Butcher, Baker, Cheesemaker

Where our food comes from is a really important consideration for most of us these days. In one of our newest classes, you will meet the producers of some of your favourite fresh, local foods, learn all their tips and tricks, and create something beautiful to eat with their produce. This hands-on class includes chats with local producers from different industries, a cheese platter on arrival, and a two-course cooking class with recipes.

*Producers will be revealed on the night, and may or may not include butchers, bakers and cheesemakers!


Location Date Time Cost Book
Sprout Kitchen Fri 8th May 2015 6:00pm - 9:00pm $125.00 inc. GST (pp) » Book now


Whether you enjoy a vegetarian diet for ethical, health or personal reasons or you just want to squeeze a few more veggies onto your plate, this is the class for you! We’ll show you how to make vegetarian meals so interesting that even the biggest meat lovers won’t notice it's missing. We’ll also give you some valuable tips to ensure that your diet remains healthy and balanced.

And if a vegan diet is more your style just let us know when booking, we've got you covered!


Location Date Time Cost Book
Sprout Kitchen Mon 11th May 2015 6:00pm - 9:00pm $105.00 inc. GST (pp) » Book now Hurry! Almost sold out

Cooking on a Budget

“Healthy food is too expensive.”

“I waste money throwing out rotten fruit and vegetables every week.”

Sound familiar?

In this class we will prove to you that healthy, fresh food does not need to break the bank. We will teach you how to make your ingredients go further, make meals last longer and how to reduce your grocery bill. After this class you will be able to relax knowing that you don’t need to put a price on your health.


Location Date Time Cost Book
Sprout Kitchen Wed 20th May 2015 6:00pm - 9:00pm $95.00 inc. GST (pp) » Book now